Sunday, May 25, 2008


Over the last few month, i have switch company from Scrawls studio doing freelance clean up storyboard, to currently working at Tiny Island Production doing storyboards for T.V series.
Im more like a Storyboard Apprentice there, learning from the Pro there.

Im glad i have a chance to do it and learn in the Environment, the work place is very cool, and comfortable. I really like the environment there. Since started working, i have not been doing much own personal work like painting and drawing.

Hopefully when the current episode ends, ill have more time to cope and catch up on the things i miss. Yup~ im also in the 4th Batch Cg Protege, taking up animation. Theres a lot of assignment to do, right now lagging behind. And im not really good at Time Hay-wire with my life now..

I got lots of things i want to do.. but not much time with my current speed for drawing stilll in a bery slow level.. ARgh!

Time for a CHANGE!

Yup, not to forget to Congrat my friends who made it to Weta and Lucasfilm Singapore.
Although they may not be watching this, but i wish them all the Best in their Endeavor.

I got to Work Hard towards my Goal Too!