Thursday, December 20, 2007

Block It Out Update 1

Im trying my best to keep it within one hour.
For Orange HOur.
Yellow Cliff...One and Half Hour.

More to Come.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Block It OUT

Block It OUT

Im planning to Start a Daily Sketch/Painting exercise( i shld start long time ago...)
Its Call Block It OUT, an exercise to do a 300x350 pixel Sketch, 200DPi, Less Than a Hour.
Need not be this precise about the pixel and dpi, but the time need to be less than a hour..
and as times goes by..the time limit im planning to go to 20 to 30 min.
Reference will be used to guide at first..but subsequently, own idea have to be generated.
ill be posting the update on the Exercise here too from Time to Time.

If You Are interested in it then please Start an Account in
then you can send me a note in the website, so i can add you and See how is our work going.
Im not a professional, but mayb i can give some personal comment.

My deviant art acc is
Hope to See Your Art Work SOon.

New ArtWork

New Update on Art Work.

Its been a long time since my last update.
If you are wondering where have i been..
i have went to Taiwan with my friends Edwin and Chris from DMD during the september period for BAck Packing. Fun Experience~ Will Upload the Photo Soonn...
i have came back...did more work for my portfolio...but not good enuff and not a lot.

Currently im looking for a job...and unless my artwork improves...i think i have no confident to send my demoreel and resume to companies..

I have send to STRAT program...
im shortlisted, and i went for an interview yesterday.. i think my chance are slim for them to offer me a place in Storyboard or Concept Design department.
I have also send to Lucas Animation Singapore Apprentice Program...
results will only be reveal on Jan 2008.
Lastly, i have went to Mr David Kwok's Seminar to Help Singaporean artist to get into the industry. He is helpful and have ask me to go for a interview to see if there are any suitable post for me in his company . Meanwhile, enrolling his 6 mths part time course to upgrade my skills. Not a Bad Choice too, Good opportunity.
Thanks for reading this boring Update...
As for More new Artwork will be Posted on
Check them out as ill be Updating this web more often for my artwork.