Thursday, December 20, 2007

Block It Out Update 1

Im trying my best to keep it within one hour.
For Orange HOur.
Yellow Cliff...One and Half Hour.

More to Come.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Block It OUT

Block It OUT

Im planning to Start a Daily Sketch/Painting exercise( i shld start long time ago...)
Its Call Block It OUT, an exercise to do a 300x350 pixel Sketch, 200DPi, Less Than a Hour.
Need not be this precise about the pixel and dpi, but the time need to be less than a hour..
and as times goes by..the time limit im planning to go to 20 to 30 min.
Reference will be used to guide at first..but subsequently, own idea have to be generated.
ill be posting the update on the Exercise here too from Time to Time.

If You Are interested in it then please Start an Account in
then you can send me a note in the website, so i can add you and See how is our work going.
Im not a professional, but mayb i can give some personal comment.

My deviant art acc is
Hope to See Your Art Work SOon.

New ArtWork

New Update on Art Work.

Its been a long time since my last update.
If you are wondering where have i been..
i have went to Taiwan with my friends Edwin and Chris from DMD during the september period for BAck Packing. Fun Experience~ Will Upload the Photo Soonn...
i have came back...did more work for my portfolio...but not good enuff and not a lot.

Currently im looking for a job...and unless my artwork improves...i think i have no confident to send my demoreel and resume to companies..

I have send to STRAT program...
im shortlisted, and i went for an interview yesterday.. i think my chance are slim for them to offer me a place in Storyboard or Concept Design department.
I have also send to Lucas Animation Singapore Apprentice Program...
results will only be reveal on Jan 2008.
Lastly, i have went to Mr David Kwok's Seminar to Help Singaporean artist to get into the industry. He is helpful and have ask me to go for a interview to see if there are any suitable post for me in his company . Meanwhile, enrolling his 6 mths part time course to upgrade my skills. Not a Bad Choice too, Good opportunity.
Thanks for reading this boring Update...
As for More new Artwork will be Posted on
Check them out as ill be Updating this web more often for my artwork.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007


陈奕迅 爱情转移
作曲:Christopher Chak
徘徊过多少橱窗 住过多少旅馆 才会觉得分离也并不冤枉
感情是用来浏览 还是用来珍藏 好让日子天天都过的难忘
熬过了多久患难 湿了多少眼眶 才能知道伤感是爱的遗产
流浪几张双人床 换过几次信仰 才让戒指义无反顾的交换
把一个人的温暖 转移到另一个的胸膛 让上次犯的错反省出梦想
每个人都是这样 享受过提心吊胆 才拒绝做爱情待罪的羔羊
回忆是抓不到的月光握紧就变黑暗 等虚假的背景消失于晴朗
阳光在身上流转 等所有业障被原谅
爱情不停站 想开往地老天荒 需要多勇敢
烛光照亮了晚餐 照不出个答案 恋爱不是温馨的请客吃饭
床单上铺满花瓣 拥抱让它成长 太拥挤就开到了别的土壤
感情需要人接班 接近换来期望 期望带来失望的恶性循环
短暂的总是浪漫 漫长总会不满 烧完美好青春换一个老伴
把一个人的温暖 转移到另一个的胸膛 让上次犯的错反省出梦想
每个人都是这样 享受过提心吊胆 才拒绝做爱情待罪的羔羊
回忆是抓不到的月光握紧就变黑暗 等虚假的背景消失于晴朗
阳光在身上流转 等所有业障被原谅
爱情不停站 想开往地老天荒 需要多勇敢
把一个人的温暖 转移到另一个的胸膛 让上次犯的错反省出梦想
每个人都是这样 享受过提心吊胆 才拒绝做爱情待罪的羔羊
回忆是抓不到的月光握紧就变黑暗 等虚假的背景消失于晴朗
阳光在身上流转 等所有业障被原谅
爱情不停站 想开往地老天荒 需要多勇敢
你不要失望 荡气回肠是为了 最美的平凡
The Art of Song, Nice song by Eason Chen, Listen carefully to the lyrics.
The Link:

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Genting Trip!

Enjoy the Photos~
i know it is a bit messy haha. I really enjoy going to this trip, lots of friends.
This is the first time i go abroad and felt no homesick, i guess army have train me in this kind of way, i felt dead. Haha. We went to Kuala lumpur too, we went casino, i lost 40RM, bought lots of clothes, local snacks, went abit of its theme park, sleep little, eat a lot, i fell sick and now recover. At the end, after coming back, the sudden lost of friends have made me feel lonely again, here i am blogging alone.

One more trip to go, TAIWAN. Then i'll have to fully concentrate on my job scouting and portfolio building.
Got to do a lot of painting and drawing. And perhaps my animation project..currently still pondering, to do put my focus on the animation project? or just fully concentrate on concept art portfolio...if i work on animation, if i fail in getting a job in concept art, at least i can immediately send my portfolio and reel for animator post, but that will have to waste a lot of time, if i work on concept art fully, then that is more relevant, and that will be faster. .. to really think about it. NEXT POST will be ART RELATED, i PROMISE. hehe.

Monday, August 6, 2007

ORD. I am Happy?

Operational Ready Date

Ord le. Posting questions for all readers...if there are any...
Do you feel happy/sad for friends, family, lovers or people that you know?

Do you still share feelings with them? Or maybe only towards a really few people?

If something happy ever occur to your friends, do you truly congratulate them?
Or the word "CONGRATS" is just some words use to pacify them?

"Congrats!" and carry on doing your own thing and think about how bad you are and think that it is really bad that you have not achieve things that they have achieve?

Imagine this...After Working hard for Five Years,
you have achieve your First Dream Car of your Life,
you inform your friends enthusiastically about it.
You are absolutely happy about it and ask them out for a ride.
They reply: " Please stop bragging about your success! I have felt bad enough now that i am struggling with my work, can you stop bothering me? I am tired, and i will be working late. Maybe another time. By the way, congrats.."
And the rest of the day you spend your time driving the car around alone.
How Pathetic can a human be? No friends or family to really share his feelings with..

Another Story, there was this boy, he was always struggling with his math subject in his school, almost all the result that he got from his exams were FAIL or BARELY PASS. After Months of Hard Work and advice he got from his tutor, he finally got and 75/100, that may not be a fantastic result, but that was nonetheless a Good result.
He went back home happily, looking for his mum, the moment his mum saw him and knew that the boy got his result that day, she said: " You must have failed again". The boy determined to prove his mum about her mistake, was expecting a apologize from her and a hug from her to encourage him. He took out his result slip to show his mum, but her mum said: "OK, Not BAD", and continued watching the t.v programme.

Sometimes, Life is SAD. Sad in a funny way, because you know that although you are surrounded with friend and family, but they do not really look into you, they will not get truly sad when you get sad, or they do not really get happy when you get happy.

Are they your friends/family? I am SURE they are.
But they may be really just too tired to put too much attention into you, or they are too engage into other people/activities/work/game/themselves.

So what do human do when there are no where to voice happiness or sadness to another human?
They think and think and there it is...BLoGGing...sometimes people even blog so much that they missed people that are willing to listen to them, they chose to blog instead and only come to realise and regret it at a later age.

Move On

When you grow up you learn to move matter what...ORD i move on...
i plan to really kick start my life and inject my life with some healthy and normal activities each day.
6.30 am Wake Up
6.45 am 100 Push Up and light running/simple exercise
7.15 am Stop exercise and rest
7.30 am Bath and Prepare for Start of the Day
8.00 am Start the day.

and sleep by...10.00pm/11.00pm.

I Must succeed in order to achieve SUCCESS.
Facing another New Challenge soon. Huuray!(myself)

Friday, August 3, 2007

5.14 a.m/03.08.07/Friday


Its been awhile since my last update.
Did nothing much...but still...i have...

  1. Went for the powerboat course.

  2. Took the test..26/30 is the criteria to pass. I got 25/30. Pek Chek.

  3. Meet up with some insurance agent...and friends.

  4. Did most of the clearance for ORD.

  5. Brought some stuff for the TAIWAN Trip.

hmmm..YEap Im planning to go Taiwan for 16 DAys!!!
Backpacking with Edwin and Chris...Really Looking forward to it~
Hopefully i can meet up with ChiaZhen on Tainan, but i think should be able to,
she Said MUST meet up...So if any Friends who happen to read this section, and got anything you want to pass to her and the item is not too big a barang barang..i can HElp!

But before that ..ill also go to Genting+ KL trip, with...a lot of people.
Finally we got to go on a trip...its been some years back since we speak about it..Happy to be able to go too!
Wooo..! Hell Lots of Trip, Maybe thats the last few for some time to go...

Before that i have a portfolio to complete, which i am looking forward to get back to Work again~
Can't Stand staying at home doing nothing, although some times i need this kind of rest...Cos that makes me feel useless and shitty...Not progressing and moving dead...

Im young! i Need To Work Work Work.
No girl Friend? WORK!
No MOney? WORK!
Feeling Useless? WORK!
In Debt? WORK!
WAnting to go on HOLIDAE? WORK!
Nothing MEANINGFUL in LIFE and Your life SUCKS, Going home and your house is MEssed UP, Full of Mosquito Everywhere in your bedroom and you have to sleep on the sofa?
WORK and Maybe when you pay your debt...You got to have better life after some years, but first......WORK WORK WORK!!!!

Hope to update more of my work here soon.
Im interested in the competition STRANGE BEHAVIOUR, from,
i might Join..

Yup, above this is the new polo-tee design for my unit...hmm...if eventually it got to be printed out...ill take a photo and post it here.

Blog Next time...Thanks for reading my rubbish!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Final'e Apple.

This is the Finished Apple i have done, i quite happy with it, hopefully when i tackle other more complicated subject in the future, i can achieve similiar result and style.
I myself Grade 69 Points for it, How about you? I need Comments, especially Artistic and Technique related Comments~~
Appreciate your time spend on reading this blog.

ill be going back to my Camp tomorrow, to serve my Last Duty Cycle(3 Weeks).
Then Clear LEAVE lo!!!!!! Muhahahahaaha Out OF SHIT HOLE!!
Oh R DEE!!!!! im COming!!!

Rejected Rhibs Team Mascot.

This is the REJECTed artwork of my Unit Mascot. They wanted a "Cute" Mascot at first, then they say they wanted "Cool" too. They say this is too Cartoony...
I wonder what they really WANTs...How to Cute and Cool together??
Chicken Little= Cute,
Chicken Little+Transformer=???

Im really COnfused....

But ill try to design a Rhibs Tee On my Own Idea and Propose the idea to the rest and see whats their Comment..
There wont be any character, just plain Graphic, i find it easier and more appealing to people that way (In terms of tee-design).

Apple In Progress 2

New Progress in Apple Practice
I Look at some Tutorial from Cg Society and
The forum from Cg society have lots of their member posting Apple practice, most of it is quite lousy, i have seen one that is rather good at around page 5 or 6, the artist use smudge tool too blend the colour together, and the effect is better, althought not really Good.

And i have read Imagine FX, the Q&A Section having an professional artist giving another budding artist tips and paint over his artwork to help improve his work.
The Pro Artist crop and change the angle of the whole art work and i can see a great change and a more dynamic point of view leads to a much better Art pieces, then the pro artist redo the whole painting using his own technique by painting the minotaur and hercules in black and white tone, and make sure all the tonal value and lighting thing is completely perfect before moving on to add the colour so as to ensure that the whole process is not so complicated and will be more organised.

I might try that at my next painting. :>