Wednesday, September 24, 2008

elephant man??

long time no post...
some sketch...

Have been in lucasfilm singapore studying Matte Painting for over two weeks.
Hope to Do more concept....

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Monday, June 9, 2008

New WIP, (Receding Glacier on Marmolada in Italian Dolomites Painting)

Working on This painting right now.
Will try to Update soon.

Sunday, May 25, 2008


Over the last few month, i have switch company from Scrawls studio doing freelance clean up storyboard, to currently working at Tiny Island Production doing storyboards for T.V series.
Im more like a Storyboard Apprentice there, learning from the Pro there.

Im glad i have a chance to do it and learn in the Environment, the work place is very cool, and comfortable. I really like the environment there. Since started working, i have not been doing much own personal work like painting and drawing.

Hopefully when the current episode ends, ill have more time to cope and catch up on the things i miss. Yup~ im also in the 4th Batch Cg Protege, taking up animation. Theres a lot of assignment to do, right now lagging behind. And im not really good at Time Hay-wire with my life now..

I got lots of things i want to do.. but not much time with my current speed for drawing stilll in a bery slow level.. ARgh!

Time for a CHANGE!

Yup, not to forget to Congrat my friends who made it to Weta and Lucasfilm Singapore.
Although they may not be watching this, but i wish them all the Best in their Endeavor.

I got to Work Hard towards my Goal Too!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Painting Practice

Ok~ Sorry for the low quality Post.. Started out as a doodle...
i think it will be better without the man...
Without a ref, its still hard to paint the lighting and etc..

Okay.. I shall try again maybe with a more simple environment.

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Hmm..after working freelance for one month at Scrawls...which i am working on the clean up of Clang Invasion storyboard. I have move on to Tiny Island Production for a more creative job scope and hopefully looking for a more permanent job prospect.

Hopefully i can pull through the first month and continue the rest of the episode, improving my skills in drawing and staging. Right now im still lousy....BLEHH....

I have also join the course in CG PROTEGE, animation. Hopefully everything goes fine and...thats it...NO artwork to SHOW?? WHAT de..!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Life Drawing Class.

Second Day at Work in Scrawls. During the Break, my supervisor ask if any one wants to join the life drawing class, i thought since its been so long that i have attended any life drawing classes, why not?
Since its not easy to find such opportunity...but i din know its a 'Bo Cheng Sa Kor' life drawing class...I got the SHOCK when me and my friend enter the small room...
Din actually know what to do...i just grab a chair and sit down immediately..act normal and start drawing...Luckily, my Sensible brain told me this..." This is ART".

Then the rest is just me and myself reminding me, my art STILL Sucks.

1.Got to draw more when i can...
2.Use Less Strokes...
3.Remove Useless Strokes created out of clueless hand movement...
4.Get the proportion Right....
5.Time is not enuff for you to draw everything...
6.Look Once, Remember What you have Seen...

May sound nothing...but the 'Bo Cheng Sa Kor' Lady is just 1 meter ahead...

Friday, February 22, 2008


Just join Scrawls Studio on Freelance basis to CleanUp Storyboard.
TOugh,, need to draw fast and drawing like 1 panel per hour,
but there are people drawing like 4 or 5 per hour..OMG.

ND to Improve on my speed and be more confident in the stroke la.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Block it out Update 2

Purple Valley, Vecchiaia_ripida, Green Civilisation and Orca Whale.
(from top to bottom)
Only Green Civilisation is out of my own imagination,
the rest is with reference photo, Vecchiaia Ripida is a photo from deviantart, Thanks Staged!
The other two is from corbis photo stock, i made a little amendment to the Orca Whale to add the eye.