Sunday, July 1, 2007

Final'e Apple.

This is the Finished Apple i have done, i quite happy with it, hopefully when i tackle other more complicated subject in the future, i can achieve similiar result and style.
I myself Grade 69 Points for it, How about you? I need Comments, especially Artistic and Technique related Comments~~
Appreciate your time spend on reading this blog.

ill be going back to my Camp tomorrow, to serve my Last Duty Cycle(3 Weeks).
Then Clear LEAVE lo!!!!!! Muhahahahaaha Out OF SHIT HOLE!!
Oh R DEE!!!!! im COming!!!

Rejected Rhibs Team Mascot.

This is the REJECTed artwork of my Unit Mascot. They wanted a "Cute" Mascot at first, then they say they wanted "Cool" too. They say this is too Cartoony...
I wonder what they really WANTs...How to Cute and Cool together??
Chicken Little= Cute,
Chicken Little+Transformer=???

Im really COnfused....

But ill try to design a Rhibs Tee On my Own Idea and Propose the idea to the rest and see whats their Comment..
There wont be any character, just plain Graphic, i find it easier and more appealing to people that way (In terms of tee-design).

Apple In Progress 2

New Progress in Apple Practice
I Look at some Tutorial from Cg Society and
The forum from Cg society have lots of their member posting Apple practice, most of it is quite lousy, i have seen one that is rather good at around page 5 or 6, the artist use smudge tool too blend the colour together, and the effect is better, althought not really Good.

And i have read Imagine FX, the Q&A Section having an professional artist giving another budding artist tips and paint over his artwork to help improve his work.
The Pro Artist crop and change the angle of the whole art work and i can see a great change and a more dynamic point of view leads to a much better Art pieces, then the pro artist redo the whole painting using his own technique by painting the minotaur and hercules in black and white tone, and make sure all the tonal value and lighting thing is completely perfect before moving on to add the colour so as to ensure that the whole process is not so complicated and will be more organised.

I might try that at my next painting. :>